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Tim Key and Daisy May Cooper join forces in 'The Witchfinder'

The Witchfinder is an original new comedy on BBC Two created by Neil and Rob Gibbons, the writers, and directors of This Time with Alan Partridge, currently airing on BBC Two & iPlayer.

The Daily Telegraph “There may not be a better comic ensemble on television right now than this one

The Sunday Times – “Stuffed with cameos from “comedy royalty”, this could well prove to be the best historical sitcom since Blackadder if the standard of its first episode is maintained.”

The Observer – “Packed with gags, both verbal and visual.”

The Mail on Sunday – “Prepare for a show that’s longer on ambition than outright laughs, but all credit to the makers for striving beyond formulaic predictability

TV Times – “with charismatic leads and laugh-out-loud gags, The Witchfinder will leave you spellbound”

Telegraph call it “uproarious” and ‘terrific

The Sun TV mag “wildly enjoyable”

The Sun – “It’s uproarious stuff, blessed with a brilliant chemistry between Tim and Daisy, whose bickering is a thing of beauty, while Jessica Haynes provides plenty of humour as Gideon’s right-hand woman Old Myers. Spellbinding.”

 The Spectator – “The borders of silliness are not just crossed, but trampled with infectious glee. On the face of it, the desire to see women burn is not an obvious comedy subject. Here, however, it’s treated with such wild, knockabout, reality-avoiding abandon that it’s hard to work up much indignation – or much guilt – when line after line proves properly funny.”


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