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Alan Partridge returns to BBC One with a second series of the BBC evening magazine show ‘This Time’

Alan Partridge returns to the big time with a second series of weeknight magazine show This Time.

While the world has gone to utter shit, Alan has had an unprecedented run without any major life crises. His second chance at the Beeb has been grasped with visible desperation and this indefatigable broadcaster is now firmly established as a prime-time co-presenter on This Time. For the first time in some time, Alan is now thrillingly in his depth.

But all good runs must come to an end. Alan is gripped by fears that his relevance is dwindling, his relationship with co-host, Jenny, is increasingly fraught, and behind-the-scenes upheaval is putting his position in jeopardy.The series follows Alan on-air and off as he tries to cling on to what could be, let’s face it, his last Big Gig. Presented ‘as live’, This Time sees Alan straining to juggle a frenzied variety of topics whilst battling paranoia, unruly guests and very dry skin. He’s been cancelled too many times to give up without a scrap, so whilst delivering a heady mix of consumer affairs, current affairs, and trivial gab to a fiercely undemanding prime-time BBC1 audience, Alan also faces the fight of his life.

Steve Coogan is joined by Susannah Fielding (playing co-presenter Jenny Gresham), Felicity Montagu (reprising her role as Lynn), Tim Key (Simon ‘formerly Sidekick Simon’ Denton) and Lolly Adefope (Ruth Duggan).

Radio Times: “When we last saw Alan Partridge – at the end of his first (non-documentary) BBC series for 17 years – the This Time presenter was being called into a meeting with the Director-General and his co-host Jennie Gresham, having inadvertently gone on record claiming that she would “smother her own grandmother with a pillow to get on the cover of the Radio Times.” So is there a way back for Alan, after what many fans are calling the best Partridge ever?

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