Red Dwarf

Dave Lister is the last human being in the universe. A lowly technician on the mining ship Red Dwarf, he wakes up one day to find that the rest of the crew have been killed by a radiation leak. He has been in stasis for three million years.

He is doomed to drift in space for the rest of eternity with only two companions: the hologram of his former crewmate, Rimmer, and a creature called Cat who has evolved from a pet he smuggled on board.

From series III onwards, they were joined by a mechanoid servant called Kryten.

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Channel: DAVE
TX Date: 22.09.16
Written By: Red Dwarf XI and XII Doug Naylor
Directors: Red Dwarf XI and XII Doug Naylor
Producer:  Kerry Waddell
Cast: Chris Barrie as Rimmer, Craig Charles as Lister, Danny John-Jules as Cat and Robert Llewellyn as Kryten

Co-Produced by Grant Naylor Productions and Baby Cow Productions.

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