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Three writers are asking women to speak up about their experiences of the most intimate part of quarantine in modern Britain: their sex lives.

These stories, with details of the good, the bad, the funny, and the sad aspects of sex in a time of social distancing, submitted anonymously via the website, will be made into a new online mini-series and shared on Instagram later in the summer at

They will be written by Joanna Scanlan, who is known for her roles in No Offence and The Thick of It, Alex Roach, who also starred in No Offence and The Iron Lady and theatre director and writer Jenny Duffy.

The series will be based on contributions from anyone identifying as female, and each episode will be 3 minutes long.

It is inspired by a 2016 book of interviews by Wendy Jones, ‘The Sex Lives of English Women’ which took an in-depth look at modern British female sexuality, with the author concluding that “every woman has a unique story to tell about her sexuality… and through our sexuality our humanity is revealed.”

Joanna Scanlan said: “Usually sex brings us together. Today, under lockdown as women, we can still be connected. We can find the joy, the delight and the connection we crave. Let’s heal from toxic shame, have a laugh and use our imaginations, telling sweet spot stories, whilst remaining two meters apart.”

Alex Roach said: “In a time where we are all craving connection, we are reaching out to women to write this story with us. We want to celebrate female sexuality in all its many amazing forms. This series will be an honest, sex positive and funny reflection of how women are… right now.”

The series will star Scanlan and Roach, with others to be confirmed. The series will be produced by Scanlan. Be part of the story:

This is a George & George Co/Baby Cow production. George & George Co is a production company set up by Joanna Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine in 2018 and is affiliated to Baby Cow Productions through BBC Studios.

Joanna Scanlan is an actress, writer and producer best known for No Offence, Getting On, The Thick Of It. Other credits include Puppy Love, Pin Cushion And The Invisible Woman.

Alex Roach is an actress and writer best known for No Offence, Utopia, The Iron Lady. Other credits include Black Mirror, Inside Number 9, and Killing Eve.

Jenny Duffy is a theatre maker and writer. She is co-director of theatre company MASSIVE OWL who have made and toured work nationally and internationally. Together Alex and Jenny founded YES MATE, a company committed to telling character-led stories that challenge stereotypes and champion women.

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