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Pls Like, the award-winning mockumentary series spoofing online influencers, is to return for a third series produced by Baby Cow Productions and directed by Simon Bird (Friday Night Dinner, The Inbetweeners), marking his TV directorial debut. The six-part (6×15”) comedy for BBC Three will land as a boxset on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 24th January 2021, with a BBC One broadcast to follow. All previous episodes from Series 1-2 will also be made available to watch on iPlayer.

The award-winning comedy, which first launched on BBC Three in 2017, returns to investigate how the influencer industry has been changed by an unprecedented pandemic. Struggling documentary-maker Liam Williams teams up once again with online talent agent, and self-professed ‘Influencer Tsar’, James Wirm (Tim Key) to find out what it takes to become a successful influencer in a post-pandemic world. Hoping that what he learns can help him attract a younger audience for his politically charged passion project – a time-travel movie called ‘Squad Coals’ – Liam undertakes a series of challenges, including helping a greasy spoon appeal to hip Instagrammers, saving a struggling art gallery with a TikTok exhibition, and commentating on a huge YouTuber boxing match.

But as Liam proceeds with his tasks, he is distracted by the cosy relationship developing between Wirm and the government’s new Minister for Influencers, Mungo Slate (Graham Dickson), as well as rumours of a scandal involving a TikTok mega-star and senior British politician.

Pls Like stars a fantastic collection of comedy talent. Tim Key (Mid Morning Matters, This Time) returns as talent agent James Wirm, Emma Sidi (Stath Lets Flats, King Gary) returns as Millipede, Jon Pointing (Plebs) plays Charlie South, Arnab Chanda (Angry Birds on the Run, Carnage) as Hen and Tom Stourton (Siblings, Horrible Histories) is back as DumpGhost. New to the series are Jonathan Livingstone (The Witches), Eleanor Nawal (Urban Myths), Seb Cardinal (Cardinal Burns) and Kemah Bob (Jonathan Ross’ Comedy Club).

Liam Williams said: “It was a privilege to be able to make this series with such a talented and epidemiologically-conscious cast and crew. I stayed metres away from everybody else, washed my hands constantly, and didn’t hug anybody the whole time. So just a normal shoot for me really.”

Ben Caudell, Commissioning Editor, BBC Comedy says: “After a year when we’ve all been online more than ever, Liam’s brilliant satire on influencers and the influenced couldn’t be more timely. It’s a comic must-watch, if you can muster the strength to drag your eyes off your phone for a few fleeting moments.”

Pls Like is written by Liam Williams and Series 3 is directed by Simon Bird. It was nominated for a BAFTA in 2018 and won the Broadcast Digital Awards for Best Short Form Comedy in the same year.

‘It puts a mirror up to the fads and controversies of the day, whether that’s ASMR or the alt-right, and explores their potential for laughs and pathos.’ – The Guardian

‘Impeccably cast, sharply observed… Pls Like manages the Reithian task of making this whole world comprehensible, while lampooning it in broad, silly strokes..’ – The Daily Telegraph

‘One of those shows you’ll devour in an afternoon and then immediately implore everyone you know to watch it’ – Radio Times

‘A razor-sharp satire of influencer culture.’ – The Guardian (named one of the 20 best BBC Three shows)

‘We could tell you how artfully it captures the sugary, shallow banality of it all, the willingness of its stars to cash in their influence, the galloping self-obsession, the baffling enthusiasm for the form, the perfection of its interstitial “facts”, but you can rattle through the entire series in 90 minutes for free, so you really ought to watch for yourself.’ – GQ

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