Baby Cow Productions | Award winning Production Company
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About Baby Cow Productions


Established in 1999 by award winning comedy creators Steve Coogan and Henry Normal, Baby Cow Productions has long had an enviable reputation for nurturing new British comedy talent.


In early 2016 Henry Normal left to pursue other creative endeavors and BBC Worldwide became majority shareholders. Christine Langan, ex-Head of BBC Films, took over as CEO in November.

Known as the home of mutli award winning comedies, Alan Partridge, Nighty Night, The Mighty Boosh, Gavin and Stacey and Red Dwarf, the new team of founder, Steve Coogan, Head of Film, Gaby Tana, and CEO Christine Langan will bring that same distinctive voice and ambition to its TV drama productions and feature films.


Baby Cow has already achieved box office success and critical acclaim with many of its films, including Academy nominated and Bafta winning Philomena, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and Polunin documentary Dancer. Mindhorn is set for UK releaseĀ on May 6th 2017.


5-6 Portland Mews




Phone: +44 (0)203 696 5200

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